Car loans are one of many options that Canadians can choose when looking to pay for a new car. Like other kinds of loans, car loans tend to come with minimum requirements that involve some form of income. So, does this mean you cannot get a car loan if you don’t have a job?

In this article, we’re going to answer the question ‘can you get a car loan without a job,’ offer some tips for getting approved for a car loan without a job, and go over the usual minimum requirements for car loans in Canada. Learn more below.

Financing a Car Without a Job

So, can you get a car loan without a job?

Whether you have just lost your job, you’re between jobs, or you cannot physically work, everyone is entitled to a form of transportation that makes things easier for them. While it can be tricky, you definitely can get approved for a car loan without having a job.

While traditional lenders may not be your best option, shopping around with online lenders and non-traditional places can help you to find car loans that are available without a job or with bad credit.

Tips for Getting Approved for a Car Loan Without a Job

Getting approved for a car loan without a job is going to be more challenging than if you have a stable income from an employer, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Below, we have collated our top tips for getting approved for a car loan without a job.

A Big Downpayment

Anyone applying for a car loan knows that offering a bigger downpayment can reduce your monthly repayments and the length of the loan, but it may also make it more likely you will get approved for a car loan if you don’t have a job.

This method will show your chosen lender that you are financially stable and communicates that you are a less risky borrower. However, this does mean you will have to save up a sizable chunk of cash and essentially goes against the idea of a car loan!

Be prepared to have to offer a downpayment on any car, and consider the amount you will need before applying for your car loan.

 A Co-Signer

A co-signer is an effective way of making your loan application more likely to be approved. A co-signer is someone who would be responsible for paying your loan if you don’t make the payments yourself.

Most people opt for a family member or partner, but anyone in your life with good credit and a stable income is an excellent option for a co-signer. Keep in mind that asking someone to co-sign your loan is a big undertaking and essentially leaves them saddled with your debt if you are unable to pay.

Co-signers make a loan much less risky, meaning a lender is more likely to approve your loan if you do not have a job but do have a co-signer with a job.

Proof of Other Forms of Income

A job isn’t the only form of income that you have, and showing this to a lender is a good way to make approval more likely. Other forms of income could include

  • Child support
  • Disability payments
  • Alimony
  • Freelance income
  • Trust fund
  • Spousal support
  • A pension
  • Investment dividend
  • The income from a rental property you own

It is important to note that some lenders do not accept these as forms of income and may still decline your application.

Usual Minimum Requirements for a Car Loan

As with a personal loan, there are some minimum requirements that lenders ask for when giving out car loans. These are important to consider when you apply for a car loan.

The minimum requirements are as follows.

  • Income requirements: At least $1800 per month.
  • Credit score: The higher your score, the more likely you will be approved. Note: it is possible to get a car loan with lower or no credit now if you seek out specialized lenders.
  • A driver’s license: Some lenders also allow learner’s licenses.
  • Age requirements: 18 or 19 years of age depending on the province.

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