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Car Loan Masters is your one-stop shop for a car loan in Canada. Whether you’ve got bad or no credit, poor credit history, or have declared bankruptcy, we can help you to finance your car in no time.

Find out more about our brand story below.

Who Are Car Loan Masters?

At Car Loan Masters, our mission is to get you an affordable personal loan for your car, no matter your credit score. Our team combined has more than 20 years of experience and we’re experts in getting everyone approved for a car loan. Our tactic is to emphasize your credit history and not the score.

Many people have found themselves in difficult credit situations and we’re here to help them. Cars are a necessary part of life and crucial in getting us from A to B, so we are absolutely determined to get all of our customers approved quickly.

With a highly-trained, specialist team, we can tailor your auto loan to your current financial situation and then work on helping you rebuild your credit. If you have been rejected by other lenders, don’t hesitate to reach out to Car Loan Masters.

Our Services

At Car Loan Masters, we offer a number of services to customers in the GTA. Take a look below to find out more about them.

Bad Credit Finance

First and foremost, we’re a car dealership that helps customers get approved for car loans, even with bad credit. We want to ensure everyone has access to a vehicle, so we will accept you and get you approved, even if others won’t.

Among our auto financing services, we run two programs. These are as follows.

Start Right Program The Start Right program is open to new immigrants, visa workers, and foreign workers. You do not need a credit history, but you will need to have a valid visa. Apply here for this scheme.

First Chance Approval The First Chance Approval Scheme is made for people who do not have any established credit history but are not interested in paying

exceedingly high-interest rates for their first auto loan. If you’ve got a cell phone and are currently in employment, and have been for at least 6 months, then you can get quick approval. No co-signers are needed either! Apply here.
In addition to these schemes, we also offer up $10,000 cash back if your credit is average to good. This can help you pay off credit card debt, take a vacation, or buy yourself something new!

We take your personal information incredibly seriously at Car Loan Masters, so our loan application service is secured and SSL certified. We will never sell your personal information to other dealers and it is only used by us and our affiliates.

All approvals are subject to a final review by our lenders. We are part of the Better Business Bureau and are OMVIC certified.

If you’re currently paying a high-interest rate on your auto loan and are looking to refinance, we can help you switch to a plan with lower rates and monthly payments. Apply here.

Sell Us Your Old Vehicle

If you’re looking to sell your old vehicle for cash, then we’re looking to buy. We will need a bit of information regarding your vehicle and we can have the payment ready for you the next working day. If you bought your car using an auto loan, then we can pay this off too and clear all liens.

We also offer trade-in services, so you can trade your old car from an upgrade in our inventory. We will help you finance your new car too!

Buy a Car

On top of all of our financing services at Car Loan Masters, we’ve also got a diverse and extensive inventory of cars for sale. From large family SUVs to luxury models, you can find your new car upgrade in our collection and have it financed the same day.

Our collection of used cars is second-to-none. We have curated a collection that caters to all needs and we are constantly updating the inventory to find new used vehicles at exceptional prices.

Take a look at our entire inventory today.

Car Services

Lastly, we have a full-service department open Monday to Saturday offering complete service and mechanical repairs at discounted prices. We offer regular maintenance, services, and repair and offer discounted prices for your auto body and insurance works.

Why Should I Choose Car Loan Masters?

Car Loan Masters is committed to getting you approved for your car loan, whoever you are. We know how hard it can be to buy a car with bad credit, but we’re on a mission to change this. We have much experience in the industry which has helped up to find lenders for all our clients.

In our time in the automotive industry, we’ve built a substantial amount of knowledge which helps us to guide our users to the best cars for their needs and the best loan options for their financial situations.

Our customer service is impeccable and friendly, and we’re always on hand to give advice, recommendations and more.

Looking for a Car Loan with Bad Credit? Contact Car Loan Masters Today!

Do you have bad credit or poor credit history and want a car loan? Have you been Googling ‘bad credit car dealership near me’? Car Loan Masers is committed to helping you out. Get in touch today to find out more about all of our services.

Sam Sumu Sothinathan

Finance Director

Our business is getting you an affordable auto loan regardless of your credit history. Our team has combined experience of over 20 years, and we have mastered the art of getting everyone approved. We emphasize your credit history rather than your credit score. We understand that people get into unpleasant credit situations, and we are here to help. Our highly skilled team is trained to get you a tailored auto loan to your credit situation. Above all else, we will help rebuild your credit. Even if you have been rejected at other places, we can get you approved through our in-house financing program.

Are you in need of an auto loan? Need to rebuild your credit? Looking for a low-interest auto loan? Looking to refinance? Consolidate your debt with an auto loan? Apply Now and allow one of our finance specialists to help you.

Our Start Right Program

Start Right Program offers loans to new immigrants, visa workers and foreign workers, with no credit history required. To qualify for this program, you must be working and have a valid work visa. If you would like to qualify for this program, proceed to our secured finance application now.

Our new First Chance Approval

First Chance Approval is designed for individuals who have not established any credit history and are not interested in paying high interest for your first auto loan. If you have a cell phone and are currently employed for 6 months, you are approved!!!

No co-signers are needed! You will qualify. It is that simple.